One thought on “Dearborn Public Schools City Wide Student Art Show 2020-2021

  1. Congratulations to the following students who are representing Maples in the 2020-21 Student Virtual City Wide Art Show!

    Mayar Assi, Kindergarten
    Batoul Melham, Kindergarten
    Omar Mawari, 1st Grade
    Ayah Ahmed, 1st Grade
    Nour Smaidy, 2nd Grade
    Alielreda Yassine, 3rd Grade
    Sulaf ElrawajihElbgoom, 3rd Grade
    Ameer Raggad, 4th Grade
    Hussein Assi, 5th Grade
    Noof Abdullah, 5th Grade
    Jenna Chalak, 5th Grade
    Ahmed ElrawajihElbgoom, 5th Grade

    Here is the art show on Youtube:

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