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Report Cards

Dear Parents,

Report Cards and M-Step reports are going home today with your children in a yellow envelope. Please keep the reports at home but sign the envelope and return empty to school tomorrow.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher. You can also contact Mrs. Faraj, Mrs. Akroush, or Mrs. Alamaddine who will be happy to answer all of your questions or concerns.

Thank you!

Free smoke alarms and free installation for Dearborn Residents

Free smoke alarms and free installation
designed to save lives
Call 313-943-2134 to schedule appointment now
with Fire Department
Beginning on Monday, Feb. 8, residents of Dearborn and Melvindale can call to have the Fire Department install free smoke alarms at their homes.
Funded through a competitive federal grant, the program provides the free installation of the free alarms to any owner-occupied household, regardless of income. They cannot be installed in rental properties. They will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.
For safety reasons, the free alarms must be installed by the department or its community partners, and so an appointment must be scheduled. Call 313-943-2134 to set up an appointment for installation.
Smoke alarms cannot be handed to individuals because they must be properly placed and installed by the department.
The department will be installing smoke alarms that are powered by lithium batteries, designed to last 10 years.
Rental properties do not qualify for this program because under the City of Dearborn Building Codes, they are required to have working alarms already. If people living in rental properties believe there are no working smoke alarms, they should call 313-943-2134 and report this life safety violation.

2015-16 Legal Announcements Now Available

The law requires the Dearborn Public Schools to provide parents or guardians a set of legal announcements containing information on laws pertaining to students and parents. The updated version of these announcements is now available on the district website, All parents and guardians are encouraged to take a moment and review the document. If anyone is in need of translation assistance to review the document please contact the Student Services Office at 827-3005

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