Staff Directory & Email

Staff Directory & Email

Name Room # Email address Assignment
Office Staff      
Mrs. Jakubik Office Principal
Mr. Dakhallah AP Office Assistant Principal
Ms. Bazzi Office Community/Parent Liaison
Ms. Ourchane Office Principal’s Secretary
Ms.Stanton Office Child Acct. Secretary
Ms. Aboraihan Office Receptionist
Ms. Bazzi 105 Young 5’s
Mrs. Kowaleski 101 Kindergarten
Ms.Robisch 112 Kindergarten
Ms.Salame 109 Kindergaren
Mrs. Wozniak 103 Kindergarten
First Grade
Mrs. Abadi 114 1st
Ms. Jacobs 110 1st
Mrs. Spence 111 1st
Mrs. Alnasir 107 1st
Second Grade  
Mrs. Chahine 201 2nd
Mrs.Gagnon 203 2nd
Mrs. Lee 209 2nd
Ms. Restum 207 2nd
Third Grade
Mrs.Atris 212 3rd
Mrs. Casebolt 205 3rd
Ms.Imsande 211 3rd
Ms.Massey 213 3rd
Fourth Grade
Ms.Jowkar 311 4th
Ms.Poulos 307 4th
Mrs. Washington 303 4th
Ms.Whitford 312 4th
Mr. Krajewski 309 4th
Fifth Grade
Ms.Colwell 313 5th
Mr.Dayne 301 5th
Ms.Kiss 302 5th
Ms. Sandweg 310 5th
Mrs. Stage 305 5th
Specials/Special Ed. Staff
Mrs. Jaber 313 Title 1/Resource
Mrs. Alcodray 313 ELD
Ms.Hamel 313 District I/C
Mrs.Zein 1A ELD
Mrs. Ackerman Media Media Specialist
Mrs. Briggs 214 Art
Mr.Stage Gym Office Physical Education
Mrs.Meyers 314 Vocal Music
Mrs. Reed BR Instrumental Music
Mrs.Caldwell 102 Title 1/Tech Enrichment
Ms. Seitz Multi-purpose/2A Psychologist
Ms. Peltz 2B Speech Pathologist
Ms. Makled 204 Social Worker
Mrs. Tennant 102 T.C.
Ms. Ollar Occupational Therapist
Mrs.Burkholder 102 Early Childhood Specialist

One thought on “Staff Directory & Email

  1. Eric Raymond Newberg

    Greetings: I attended Maples Elementary 1944-5 through grades K- 5. Just wondered if a list of student names is available. I lived nearby at 6518 Barrie. Moved to Farmington about 1950. Eric Newberg, 3111 Birchfield Drive, Midland, MI 48642-4009

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