Staff Directory & Email

NameRoom #Email addressAssignment
Office Staff   
Mrs. JakubikOfficejakubid@dearbornschools.orgPrincipal
Ms. BazziOfficebazzia@dearbornschools.orgCommunity/
Parent Liaison
Ms. OurchaneOfficeourchaf@dearbornschools.orgPrincipal’s Secretary
Ms.StantonOfficestantok@dearbornschools.orgChild Acct. Secretary
Ms. AboraihanOfficeaboraik@dearbornschools.orgReceptionist
Ms. Bazzi105kharous@dearbornschools.orgYoung 5’s
Mrs. KowaleskiVLPkowalet1@dearbornschools.orgKindergarten
Ms.Robisch112 robiscm@dearbornschools.orgKindergarten
Ms.Schreuder 101schreuc@dearbornschools.orgKindergaren
Mrs. Wozniak103woznian@dearbornschools.orgKindergarten
First Grade   
Mrs. Abadi114abadiz@dearbornschools.org1st
Mrs. Alnasir107alnasin@dearbornschools.org1st
Ms. Jacobs110jacobse@dearbornschools.org1st
Ms. Norton 102nortonh@dearbornschools.org1st
Mrs. Spence111spencej1@dearbornschools.org1st
Second Grade   
Mrs. Chahine201chahinf@dearbornschools.org2nd
Mrs. Lee209lees@dearbornschools.org2nd
Ms. RestumVLPrestumk@dearbornschools.org2nd
Third Grade   
Mrs. Casebolt205caseboj@dearbornschools.org3rd
Ms.Imsande211 imsands@dearbornschools.org3rd
Ms.Massey213 masseyk@dearbornschools.org3rd
Fourth Grade   
Fifth Grade   
Mr.Dayne301 dayner@dearbornschools.org5th
Ms. Sandweg310 sandwet@dearbornschools.org5th
Mrs. Stage305stagel@dearbornschools.org5th
Specials/Special Ed. Staff   
Mrs. Jaber313jaberr@dearbornschools.orgTitle 1/Resource
Mrs. Alcodray313hassnar@dearbornschools.orgELD
Ms.Hamel313hameld@dearbornschools.orgDistrict I/C
Mrs. AckermanMediaackermm@dearbornschools.orgMedia Specialist
Mrs. Briggs214briggss@dearbornschools.orgArt
Mr.StageGym Officestagea@dearbornschools.orgPhysical Education
Mrs.Meyers314meyerse@dearbornschools.orgVocal Music
Mrs. ReedBRreedc@dearbornschools.orgInstrumental Music
Mrs.Caldwell102caldwel@dearbornschools.orgTitle 1/Tech Enrichment
Ms. HageyMulti-purpose/
Ms. Peltz2Bpeltza@dearbornschools.orgSpeech Pathologist
Ms. Hoeft204hoefth@dearbornschools.orgSocial Worker
Mrs. Tennant
Ms. Harrell
Resource teacher
Ms. Meador Therapist
Mrs.Burkholder102burkhos@dearbornschools.orgEarly Childhood Specialist

Staff Directory & Email

3 thoughts on “Staff Directory & Email

  1. Greetings: I attended Maples Elementary 1944-5 through grades K- 5. Just wondered if a list of student names is available. I lived nearby at 6518 Barrie. Moved to Farmington about 1950. Eric Newberg, 3111 Birchfield Drive, Midland, MI 48642-4009

  2. Hello, I attended Maples in the mid fifties 2 thru 6 grade. I lived at 6601 Steadmen. I remember some of my teachers, Mrs. Bruebaker, Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Mac nally, Mr. Hess ( Band) I think Mr. Good was our Principle and Mr. Zarcozy was PE teacher. I wonder if the swimming pool is still in the school, as I learned how to swim and dive there. Many fond memories of those years so long ago. Robert E. Meyer Jr. OBrien Fl

    • Hi Robert!

      The swimming pool is still working as good as ever. It was refurbished about 5 years ago. I am the current principal; this is my 4th year. I actually taught 2nd grade here for 2 years in 1993-1995. Hope you are staying healthy and safe in these strange times!

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