Maples Elementary School

Medicine Safety

Greetings Maples Parents,

If your family is like most, your medicine cabinet is probably full of medicines, from over-the-counter pain relievers to prescription drugs, multi-vitamins and herbal remedies. There are probably bottles of medicines that you don’t even remember picking up at the pharmacy.

It can be hard to get a handle on all of the medicines your family members take, but it’s important to be in the know to protect their health and safety. Did you know most Americans fail to ask questions about their medicines, and half don’t use their medicines as prescribed?

It’s true. And while medicines have lots of benefits—not the least of which is helping to make you and your loved ones feel better—they can also be harmful if not used properly.

Remember that students SHOULD NOT be carrying their own medicine with them. If your child takes medication regularly, your doctor can fill out a form and ONLY THEN we can start giving your child the medication at school.

Please take few minutes to read the story below with your children about medicine safety and check out the Medicine Checklist below.

Oh No? Not Another Science Fair Project

Medicine Checklist

Click here to print Medicine Checklist.