Maples Elementary School

Kindergarten and First Grade Dismissal Update

Dear Parents of Kindergarten and First Grade Students,

We will start picking up only first and kindergarten students  from the classroom at dismissal time.

We have to set some parameters for the staff and for parents to ensure a smooth and safe process.

  • We will open the outside doors at 3:27.
  • Parents are to wait in the lobby until teachers open their doors at 3:30
  • Students must be ready at 3:30
  • As the teacher sees the parent, she calls on their child
  • After parents pick up their children, they leave immediately to allow the older students to pass through the hallway.
  • Parents will wait in the lobby or outside weather permitting and wait for 2nd-5th grade students
  • Parents should not wait in the hallway for the older siblings

Let’s work together to make it a smooth process.

Thanks you and I appreciate your cooperation!

Mrs. Faraj