Maples Elementary School

Anti Bullying Assembly at Maples

Greetings Maples families,

Maples students in grades Kindergarten to fifth had the opportunity to attend an anti Bullying assembly (Michigan Cyber Safety Initiative (CSI)) at school today. The three presentations focused on bullying and cyberbullying. Please reinforce the following learned concepts at home as well.

For Kdg & First Grade, The primary theme of the presentation was the “3 Keeps.” Students were instructed to:

  1. Keep Safe by carefully guarding their personal information online.
  2. Keep Away from Internet strangers.
  3. Keep Telling parents or a trusted adult about anything that makes them uncomfortable. 

Using short child-friendly videos which reinforced the key messages, students learned how to recognize bullying behaviors and respond accordingly 

For Second and Third Grade, the presenter discussed important rules for being safe online and encouraged students to seek the help of a trusted adult when faced with challenging  situations.  Using Brain pop videos, students learned to recognize bullying and cyberbullying behavior and how to respond accordingly. 

For Fourth and Fifth Grade, building upon the lessons in the 2-3 grade presentation, it illustrated the importance of limiting how much personal information is shared online.  Students learned to recognize common techniques used by Internet   predators and effective responses to bullying and cyberbullying.  Below are the pictures from the event.

Thank you,

Mrs. Faraj

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