Maples Elementary School

Congratulations Maples Students!

Congratulations to the students who were selected to represent Maples Elementary in the Annual PTA Reflections program.  This year’s theme was “Let Your Imagination Fly!”

There will be a ceremony later in the school year that each of these students will be invited to. 

Maples stars are: 

 Zeinab Zawawi’s drawing won 3rd place!    gold-star
Rawan Senan, Kindergarten gold-star
Ruba Ghafoor, 1st Grade gold-star
Sharif Zein, 2nd Grade gold-star
Marianna Elkhatib, 2nd Grade gold-star
Aseal Qdaih, 3rd Grade gold-star
Zeinab Zawawi, 4th Grade gold-star
Mohamed Hammoud, 5th Grade gold-star
 Mina Assi, 5th Grade                       gold-star

WAY TO GO, Maples!!!!!