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Dear Maples Parents,

This page has been created for any questions or concerns you may have. Please leave your questions/concerns and we will try to respond ASAP.

For your convenience a Question and Answer tab has been added on the main home page.


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  1. Below are questions/questions from December 13 Parent Meeting.

    *Please check teachers’ blogs.They are not all posting updates.
    Teachers maintain a Dojo account as well as a classroom blog Posts on the blog will likely be weekly while Dojo will be more frequent.

    *Problem with traffic usually occurs on Mead when we pick up our students after school.
    Parents need to be patient and expect a few minute wait whenpicking up students. Mr. Krajewski is directing traffic on the cornerof Mead again.

    *Please visit teachers’ classroom.
    We have a classroom showcase in the spring which allows parents to visit classrooms. Next year, we may consider doing oneat the start of the year as well.

    *Please give my children more homework
    Classroom teachers typically assign homework on a daily basis the best homework is reading EVERY single night. In addition your child can login to Clever on the blog to do online practice. You can also speak to your child’s teacher for other suggestions. Children need down time as well to be active and play after school.)

    *How do you prepare the students to take the NWEA? Is there awebsite they can use to get more practice for this test?
    Students can practice for NWEA on Teachers will be sending a sheet home during the holiday break identifying the level the students should begin practicing at.

    *We need to know when our children have exams
    Classroom planners should identify when classroom exams are coming. The teacher likely posts on Dojo or the blog as well.Please check those or ask the teacher how you can be notified of upcoming exams. 

    *We need to know when our children will be taking the NWEA.
    The winter NWEA test will be given from Jan 10-Jan. 31 Teachers will post their schedule on DoJo as well as their blog.

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