Maples Elementary School

Autsim Awareness at Maples School

Maples school has teamed up with Blue Hands United for Autism of Dearborn and Midwest Recycling to help spread Autism Awareness by forming the “Autism Awareness C.C.C (Clothing Collection Challenge)”.

Two donation stations have been set at Maples School for shoe/clothing donation. One in the first floor hallway, second one in the Staff parking lot.These stations are set to collect old shoes, old clothing, lost and found items, jackets and other clothing articles. Items may be dropped off at any of the stations.

Each month the total weight for each school will be shown and a winner will be announced. The winner will then be congratulated by a City of Dearborn Public Official along with Local News Press and Media.

By encouraging students to recycle, donate, & bring awareness to autism they will feel great, participate, and help spread the word out.

Along with our mission we will include the donation station location on social media to help the awareness spread and display where the kids can contribute. Using the hashtag #TheRealDearborn #BlueHandsChallenge.

Parents, students, and staff please help us in our mission. Let’s bring awareness to autism and help encourage a good and charitable lifestyle.