Maples Elementary School


Dear Parents,

This year at Maples the students will be able to earn brag tags throughout the school year.
Here is some information to explain what brag tags are and how your child can earn them.

Brag tags are incentive tags that your child can earn for positive behavior and choices that he/she makes during the school day. The tags are placed on a necklace that is kept at school and brought home at the end of the school year. Brag tags are not meant to take home but can be looked at if you come into school to visit. We will also have them available when you come in for parent/teacher conferences.
Brag tags are earned when the teacher notices a choice or behavior that is done by a student that exceeds expectations. Brag tags can be earned for many things. Some of these may include: helping others, walking quietly in the hallway, good listening, being a buddy, following directions, etc.

Positive reinforcement is one method that we will use this year to encourage positive choices and hard work.