Maples Elementary School

Brainstormers Assembly- Friday, November 30, 2018

On Friday November 30, 2018, The Brainstormers were welcomed back to Maples with enthusiasm as they acted out 7 narratives from our 4th-5th grade and five 1st-2nd grade talented Maples authors. The Brainstormers and student volunteers dressed up with costumes, props and sound effects to make the narratives come to life!
Great job Maples talented authors!!

Yasmeena Jaffer/5th Grade

Fatima Zreik/5th Grade

Nour Obeid/5th Grade

Mohamed Harb/5th Grade

Samer Kadry/5th Grade

Sara Bahlak/4th Grade

Hamid Murshed/4th Grade


Mila Moukalled/1st Grade

Leo Hobballah/1st Grade

Hussein Haidar/2nd Grade

Remas Baroudi/2nd Grade

Noor Saad/2nd Grade