Maples Elementary School

Maples Students in City Wide Student Art Show

The following students will be representing Maples at the 2018-19 City Wide Student Art Show!  The opening is Wednesday, April 24th at 4:00 at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center.  This begins in the auditorium with opening remarks before the official opening of the show in the Padzieski Gallery.  The show will be up through Wednesday, May 29th.  Gallery hours are Tuesday – Friday noon to 6:00 and during some concerts.

Click here to see student pictures with their artwork!

Batoul Aoun -Kindergarten, Ms. Robisch. Mr. Cares, Art Teacher

 Isabella Alsaied-Kindergarten, Mrs. Kowaleski. Mrs. Briggs, Art Teacher

Saaja Alswaychet-1st Grade, Mrs. Spence. Mrs. Briggs, Art Teacher

Maiar Baaj-1st Grade, Mrs. Abadi. Mr. Cares, Art Teacher

Elaina Mohaidly-1st Grade, Ms. Alnasir. Mr. Cares, Art Teacher

Aya Alatabi-2nd Grade, Ms. Restum. Mrs. Briggs, Art Teacher

Ayoub Elzaghir-2nd Grade, Mrs. Gagnon. Mrs. Briggs, Art Teacher

Jenna Huraibi-3rd grade, Ms. Massey. Mr. Cares, Art Teacher

Ebtehal Ginah-3rd Grade, Mrs. Atris. Mr. Cares, Art Teacher

Zakirya Aboraihan-4th Grade, Mrs. Whitlock. Mrs. Saad, Art Teacher

Lynn Khazaal-4th Grade, Mrs. Whitlock. Mrs. Briggs, Art Teacher

Johara Mawari-4th Grade, Mrs. Poulos. Mrs. Briggs, Art Teacher

Malak Abdulroda-5th Grade, Ms. Sandweg. Mrs. Briggs, Art Teacher

Sarah Musa-5th Grade, Mr. Dayne. Mrs. Saad, Art Teacher

Ahmad Qdaih-5th Grade, Mrs. Stage. Mr. Cares, Art Teacher