Maples Elementary School

100% Virtual Learning Year Long Option – Register Thursday, August 13 between 9 AM and 2 PM at Maples

On Monday, August 10, the Board of Education approved a plan for all Dearborn Public School students to return to school on-line. Students from kindergarten through high school will take classes online until at least the beginning of October.  The board will check conditions in late September to see if it is possible for students to begin returning to in person learning. It could begin as a blended model of both in-class and on-line learning.

The District understands there are parents who are not comfortable with their children returning to in person learning for this school year.  For these parents, who want a 100% on-line option for the entire school year, the school district has created the Dearborn Virtual Learning Program for students K-12.  Parents selecting this option are opting their children into the program for a one-year commitment. 

In order to meet staffing, transportation, and several other components of our new school environment, it is vitally important to know how many students will join the Virtual Program. Parents seeking more information and/or are interested in opting their child(ren) into this program are highly encouraged to visit Maples on Wednesday August 13 between 9 AM and 2 PM.

School administrators will be on hand (social distancing, limited numbers, and masks will be enforced) on August 13 between 9 AM and 2 PM to meet with parents to sign up students for the virtual learning option.  Opt-in forms will be available and parents can opt-in all their children at one location.

If you are not comfortable meeting in a safe environment at the school or are unable to attend on one of the scheduled days, please call (827-6450) or email @ Wednesday or Thursday so we may discuss this option and begin the opt-in process for your children.

We understand there are many questions, concerns, and uncertainties as we approach the start of the school year.  Our Back to School Reopen Committee has spent many hours considering all of the health, safety, logistical, and educational concerns before making their recommendations. Our Board spent many hours reviewing those recommendations including a six hour Study Session to hear from the various sub-committees and stakeholders.  We are now ready to move forward, together, to ensure what will be an interesting, but great, start to the 2020-21 school year.