Late starts canceled, half day added for unknown date

Dearborn Public Schools is canceling the four remaining late starts scheduled for this year and will replace them with one half day on a Friday still to be determined.
The late starts scheduled for Feb. 10, March 10, April 21 and May 5 are canceled, and students and staff will have a regular day of school those days in whatever format the district is conducting class at that time.

Instead of the late starts, students will have a half day of school on the Friday before the district restarts learning la

Upon return from international travel


UPDATE: Per our health officer at WCHD, “Upon return from international travel, an individual should self-quarantine for 7-days, and at the end of the 7-days have another COVID PCR test that needs to be negative before the individual/student returns to school.”

WCHD تحديث: وفقًا لمسؤول الصحة التابع لنا في

“عند العودة من السفر الدولي ، يجب على الفرد القيام بالحجر الصحي الذاتي لمدة 7 أيام, وفي نهاية الأيام COVID PCRالسبعة ، يجب عليه إجراء فحص الكرونا

 و يجب أن يكون الفحص سالبًا قبل عودة  الفرد / الطالب إلى المدرسة “.