Maples Elementary School

Grade Level Learning Calendars

Parents~ Please click the Grade Level Calendar for the work of the week. We will update this each week. You can also click the blog link (on right in red) to go the the teacher’s blog.

TeacherTeacher EmailTeacher iBlog Link
Kindergarten Learning Calendar
Ms. Bazzi bazzis@dearbornschools.orgMs. Bazzi’s Blog
Ms. Kowaleskikowalet1@dearbornschools.orgMs. Kowaleski’s Blog
Ms. Robischrobiscm@dearbornschools.orgMs. Robisch’s Blog
Ms. Salamesalamem1@dearbornschools.orgMs. Salame’s Blog
Mrs. Wozniakwoznian@dearbornschools.orgKindergarten Blog
1st Grade Learning Calendar
Mrs. Abadiabadiz@dearbornschools.orgMrs. Abadi’s Blog
Mrs. Alnasiralnasin@dearbornschools.orgMrs. Alnair’s Blog
Mrs. Gerwatowskigerwate@dearbornschools.orgMrs. G’s Blog
Mrs. Spencespencej1@dearbornschools.orgMrs. Spence’s Blog
2nd Grade Learning Calendar
Mrs. Chahinechahinf@dearbornschools.orgMrs. Chahine’s  Blog
Mrs. Gagnongagnonj@dearbornschools.orgMrs. Gagnon’s Blog
Mrs. Leelees@dearbornschools.orgMrs. Lee’s Blog
Ms. Restumrestumk@dearbornschools.orgMs. Restum’s Blog
3rd Grade Learning Calendar
Mrs. Atrisatrisd@dearbornschools.orgMrs. Atris’ Blog
Mrs. Caseboltcaseboj@dearbornschools.orgMrs. Casebolt’s Blog
Mrs. Imsandeimsands@dearbornschools.orgMrs. Imsande’s Blog
Ms. Masseymasseyk@dearborns.orgMs. Massey’s Blog
4th Grade Learning Calendar
Ms. Jowkarjowkarp@dearbornschools.orgMs. Jowkar’s Blog
Mr. Krajewskikrajewk@dearbornschools.orgMr. Krajewski’s Blog
Ms. Poulospoulose@dearbornschools.orgMrs. Poulos’ Blog
Mrs. Whitforddaniase@dearbornschools.orgMrs. Whitford’s Blog
Mrs. Washingtonwashind@dearbornschools.orgMrs. Washington’s Blog
5th Grade Learning Calendar
Mrs. Colwellcolwels@dearbornschools.orgMrs. Colwell’s Blog
Mr. Daynedayner@dearbornschools.orgMr. Daynes Blog
Mrs. Kisskisso@dearbornschools.orgMrs. Kiss’ Blog
Mrs. Sandwegsandwet@dearbornschools.orgMs. Sandweg’s Blog
Mrs. Stagestagel@dearbornschools.orgMrs. Stage’s Blog

Special Area Blogs and Emails

Art Mrs. Briggs
Art Mr. Cares
Art Mrs. Saad
Music Mrs. Meyers
Music Mrs. Reed
PE (Gym) Mr. Stage
Computers Mrs. Caldwell
Media Ms. Alsuraimi

Support Teachers Emails and Blogs

Reading InterventionistMrs.
Early Childhood SpecialistMrs. Burkholder
Reading InterventionistMrs. Caldwell
Instructional CoachMrs. Hamel
ELDMrs. Alcodray
ELDMrs. Zein
Title 1 Resource Teacher Mrs.Jaber 
SE Resource TeacherMrs. Tennant
SE Resource TeacherMs. Harrell