Maples Elementary School

#Students1stDbnSchs Follow-up Post Regarding online learning and inappropriate behavior

Saturday Message from Superintendent Dr. Maleyko:

I spoke to Chief Haddad today and we will be opening a full investigation into the activity of a handful of students who interrupted google hangout student learning sessions, violated district policy, and in some cases violated the law. Mr. Mashhour the Director the Student Services and Mr. John Leacher the District Safety and Security Specialist (a former police Chief) will head up the investigation for the district and we will coordinate our investigation efforts with the Dearborn Police. We have already identified several of the perpetrators and we are confident that we will identify all of them with the help of Chief Haddad and the outstanding Dearborn Police Department. We also plan to pursue our options for disciplinary action to the full extent of the Dearborn student code of conduct and the law which could include criminal charges. These behaviors are unacceptable at anytime but especially during an international crisis.

Again, we have seen the awesome work that our teachers are doing as they support our students. We will not let the unacceptable behaviors of a few individuals interrupt learning for almost 21,000 students. I hope that you are having a nice weekend. Please Stay Safe and Stay Home!!!